Change of Address of the Company

Types of changes in a registered office

Within the same city

Within the same state and ROC

To other ROC in the same state

From one state to another

Documents Required:

A. Board Meeting

  • Board Resolution
  • Board Meeting Attendance Sheet
  • Minute of Board Meeting

B. New Address

  •  Proof of new Address in name of Owner (Utility bill should not be older than
    two month)
  • Mobile bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Electricity
  • Bill Gas Bill
  •  Rent/Lease agreement and rent
    receipts (The rent receipts should not be older than one month) or
  •  NOC from the address

C. Extraordinary General Meeting, EGM

  • Certified copy of Special Resolution,
  • Notice of EGM,
  • Explanatory statement to EGM,
  • Altered Memorandum of Association,
  • Altered Articles of Association

D. Consent from creditors and the debenture holders if there
are any and to other regulatory bodies as applicable to the company.

E. Advertisement in English & vernacular language